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RARE! Korean! Fantasy!
Park Am,Chen Feng Chen aka Jin Bong Jin,Chung Kyoo Young, Hwang Kun,Ju Sang Ho,H
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This is a synopsis written by my brother Anthony.

Killer Shao Fung (Wang Kuan Hsiung) was seen st view
While Wen Chiang Lung was cutting wood and talking with his boss, an accident happened and he was ac view
7 women in jail for various reasons (murder, tricks, pickpocketing...)escape from jail. The escape h view
In this movie, Meng Fei plays a policeman who impersonate a young woman's dead brother in order to a view
A farmer (Yee Yuen) is killed by the three tigers, who are the best fighters of a local boss played view
An evil man kills a whole family and only his son is saved by an old servant. This one leads him to view
The movie begins with the head of a village who sentences an evil villager to death, but his wife an view
After loosing his wife whp is now with a drug dealer, an inspector is hunting all the drug bosses of view
Goo Goon Chung plays a young man who is hired by Kong Do (in a wheeling chair)to find a man on whom view
Tien Ni plays a young man (I think so because her servant calls her Gongze instead of Guniang (lady) view

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Golden Sun aka Dragon Dies Hard aka Bruce Lee, We Miss You aka Bruce Li, Superdragon

Starring: Bruce Li (Ho Chung Dao), Shan Mao, Tang Chia Chuan, Lung Fei, Fai Wai, Au Yeung Chung, Au Yeung Wai, Fai Wan, Chow Jun, Tang Chia Chuan,Ma Cheung,Yim Chung,Charles Lay

RARE!! Bruce Li!!

Sword And The Windbell

Starring: David Chiang, Tien Peng aka (Roc Tien), Chiang Sheng, Chan Shan, Paul Chang Chun, Kwan Chung, Cheung Fook Gin, Liu Shan Chian

Letterbox Version Classic Swordplay!!

Executioners from Shaolin aka Shaolin Executioners aka Hung Hei-Goon aka Executioners of Death

Starring: Chen Kwan Tai, Lo Lieh, Wong Yue, Lily Li, Gordon Liu, Lee Hoi San, Chiang Tao, John Chang, Fong Hak Onn, Wilson Tong, Billy Chan, Lam Ching Ying, Lee Chiu, Peter Chan Lung, Meng Hoi, Hsiao Ho, Chin Yuet Sang, Eric Tsang

2 in Black Belt aka Two in Black Belt aka Two in a Black Belt

Starring: Pomson Shi, George Rudy, Yayuk Suseno, Enny Christina, Jackie Chan (Cameo), Cheung Chok Chow, Chan Tik, Ma Ting, Law Bei, Liu Hok Ming

Pomson Shi & George Rudy RARE!!! Sub Version Letterbox Dub Version Fullscreen~

One Arm Vs The Red Devil aka One Armed Swordsman VS The Umbrella Girl aka The Great Duel

Starring: Lou Bin, So Gam Lung, Frankie Wei, Yee Yuen, O Yu Man, Yip Ching, Pan Ying Zi, Shen Yi, Wang Tai Lang, Li Min Lang, Lee Keung

FLK Cleaned Up Version RARE!! Classic Swordplay

The Gallantry King aka Hanambyeolgok aka Henan Do Not Bend

Starring: Tony Liu, Kwan Chung, Max Lee Chiu Jun, Lydia Shum Tin Ha, Chan Fei Lung, Lee Ye Min, Lee Hang

Rare! Korean!! Classic!!! With Tony Liu!!! Letterbox Version!!