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Lo Lieh plays Shen Wu Hai, a famous assassin who is chased by a lot of people.

While everybody t view
I've only recently become a fan of Wang Kuan Hsiung especially after this movie.
It's not action pa view
Well can't say much for the storyline, it's revolves around Bruce Lee's death and
conspiracy behin view
Lo lieh plays Piu, a warlord who targets a village with his men in order to get money.
Kuo Chui pla view
A classic gambling movie, with some people reuniting once a year for a giant gambling game without a view
The master of the righteous sect Supreme Gate is killed by Shih Kien, who steals the supreme weapons view
I finally put my hands on a Mandarin with English subtitles of Scorching sun, fierce wind, wild fir view
Jade Fox is a brilliant shapes movie with Tien Peng as the illustrious character Jade Fox
WhoĆ­s k view
This is a synopsis written by my brother Anthony.

Killer Shao Fung (Wang Kuan Hsiung) was seen st view
While Wen Chiang Lung was cutting wood and talking with his boss, an accident happened and he was ac view

Rares Of The Week see more

Chase aka The Chase aka Shanghai Killers aka Blade Of Death

Starring: James Tien, Maria Yi,Tang Ching,Kam Shan,Fong Sam,Wu Jia Xiang,Cheung Hei,Jason Pai Piao,Chen Kwan Tai,Yam Ho,Chan Lau,Chai Lin Fui,Lee Man Tai,Chin Chun,Tong Kam Tong,Chai Lam,Tsang Choh Lam,Gam Tin Chue

COLLECTORS SPECIAL FLK Letterbox Subbed & Dubbed Version!

Rage of the Wind aka Rage of Wind aka Fists of Death aka The Ninja Warlord

Starring: Chen Sing, Yasuaki Kurata, Jimmy Lee, Irene Ryder, Suen Lam, Han Kwok Choi, Lee Ka Ting, Kok Lee Yan, Yukio Someno, Bruce Liang, Tommy Lee, Tony Leung Siu Hung

COLLECTORS Edition FLK Subbed & Dubbed Collectors ONLY!

Little Superman aka Bruce, D-day at Macau aka Fist of Vengeance aka Kung Fu Superman aka

Starring: Bruce Liang, James Nam, Wong Yuen San,Hu Chin, Meng Hoi, Ng Ming Choi, Han Kwok Choi, Suen Lam, Lee Ka Ting, John Chang, Tony Leung Siu Hung, Peter Chan Lung

COLLECTORS Edition FLK Subbed & Dubbed Collectors ONLY!

Duel With Devil aka Duel with The Devil aka Gui Jian Chou Jue Dou Gui Jian Chou aka Lady Terminator

Starring: Kong Ban, Cheung Ching Ching, Yee Yuen, Ma Kei, O Yau Man, Wong Fei Lung, Chan Bo Lung, Lam Lam, Luo Bin, Au Lap Bo,Kwan Hung,Lam Hon,Poon Chuen Ling,Wang Tai Lang,Wei Hung Sheng,Siu Man Hung,Fan Fung San

COLLECTORS UNCUT! FLK Version With Chinese Audio Re-Mastered English Subs

Descendant of Wing Chun aka Eagle's Showdown

Starring: Tsui Siu Keung, Melvin Wong, Lee Hoi San, Fong Hak Onn, Kwan Hoi San, Alan Chan, Ho Pak Kwong

COLLECTORS Special Subbed & Dubbed Fully UNCUT!

Zen of Sword

Starring: Michelle Reis, Cynthia Khan, Waise Lee, Kara Hui Ying Hung,Kuo Chui aka (Kwok Choy),Lau Sek Ming,Jeng Yee,Sam Dang,Tam Wai Man,Sin Tak-Sang,Wong Yan Yan

FLK RARE! UNCUT COLLECTORS Special With English Re-Mastered Subs