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Li I Min, Zhu Jiazheng,Liang Younan,Jiang Qingxia
Latest Reviews
Lo Lieh plays Shen Wu Hai, a famous assassin who is chased by a lot of people.

While everybody t view
I've only recently become a fan of Wang Kuan Hsiung especially after this movie.
It's not action pa view
Well can't say much for the storyline, it's revolves around Bruce Lee's death and
conspiracy behin view
Lo lieh plays Piu, a warlord who targets a village with his men in order to get money.
Kuo Chui pla view
A classic gambling movie, with some people reuniting once a year for a giant gambling game without a view
The master of the righteous sect Supreme Gate is killed by Shih Kien, who steals the supreme weapons view
I finally put my hands on a Mandarin with English subtitles of Scorching sun, fierce wind, wild fir view
Jade Fox is a brilliant shapes movie with Tien Peng as the illustrious character Jade Fox
WhoĆ­s k view
This is a synopsis written by my brother Anthony.

Killer Shao Fung (Wang Kuan Hsiung) was seen st view
While Wen Chiang Lung was cutting wood and talking with his boss, an accident happened and he was ac view

Rares Of The Week see more

Devil Spider aka Sacred Place aka Treasure Castle

Starring: Kong Min aka Chiang Ming, Dok Go Sung, Sun Chia Lin, So Gam Lung, Lam Ching Ying, Billy Chan, Yun Yung, Choi Wai Wa, Lau Gong, Leung Hung,Kwon Il Soo,Lam Hoi Lam, Kuen Yat Chu,Gam Gei Fan

RARE Swordplay Classic

When Taekwondo Strikes aka Sting of the Dragon Masters aka When Tae Kwon Do Strikes aka Kickmaster

Starring: Angela Mao Ying, Carter Wong, Hwang In Sik, Samo Hung, Chien Yueh Sheng, Chin Chi Chu aka (Gam Kei Chu), John Rhee, Ken Kazuma Kenji, Martin Chui, Lam Ching Ying, Yuen Biao

COLLECTORS Widescreen English Dubbed & Subbed FLK Project UNCUT!!!

Lady Whirlwind aka Deep Thrust aka Deep Thrust aka The Hand of Death aka Tit Cheung Suen Fung T

Starring: Angela Mao Ying, Chang Yi, Samo Hung, Pai Ying, Chin Yut Sang, Yuen Wei, Wang Fung, Martin Chui, Ringo Wong, Ang Saan, Wilson Tong, Bruce Liang, Wu Ching Erh, Liu Ah Na

COLLECTORS Widescreen English Dubbed & Subbed FLK Project UNCUT!!!

Kung Fu Girl Fighter aka On the Waterfront

Starring: Chang Yi, Tang Pao Yun,Chen Hung Lieh, Tien Yeh, O Yau Man, Yee Hung,Blacky Ko,Au Lap Bo,Meng Ling Ming,Yeung Fui Yuk,Wong Yeuk Ping,Lok Ming,Ho Wai Hung,Wong Wing Sang,Poon Cheung Min,Tang Chia Chuan,Wang Tai Qing,Keung Hon,Chen Chin Hai,Chow Jun,Lin Kuang Yung,Cheung Chung Kwai,Shih Ting Ken

COLLECTORS Special Subbed & Dubbed Exclusive! TO FLK!

The Ghost Sword aka The Ghost's Sword

Starring: Chiang Nan, Liu Ping, So Chen Ping, O Yau Man, Tien Ming, Yuen Sam, Tin Ming, Shaw Luo Hui, Li Min Lang, Yue Fang

Sorrowful to a Ghost's Part 2!!!

Kung Fu Mama aka Queen of Fists

Starring: Tse Gam Gut, Cheung Ching Ching, Lui Ming, Shan Mao, Lung Fei, Sit Hon, Hong Hoi aka Kang Kai, Tien Yeh, Jimmy Wang Yu (Cameo), Law Bun, Wang Tai Lang, Chi Laan, Liu Chu

RARE!!! Punch & Block Classic!!!