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Bobby Kim, Tatiek Tito,Parto Tegal, Jefrey Sani, Hadisjam Ta watch
Ko Keung aka Mo Sa Seong , Li Chun Chun , Woo Yeon Jeong , watch
Cho Yang Eun , Hwang Jang Lee (cameo) , Kim So Young , Park watch
Cynthia Khan , Alex Man , Yuen Wah , Athena Chu Yun , Eddie watch
Oshima Yukari , Alexander Lo Rei , Wu Ma , Mark Cheng , Ku watch
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Bobby Kim, Tatiek Tito,Parto Tegal, Jefrey Sani, Hadisjam Taha
Juliet Chan ,Chen Sing ,Ma Sha ,Paul Chang Chung ,Chuen Yuen ,Tsang Chiu ,Chen H
Chow Yun Fat ,Sarina Sai ,Mark Cheung Lui ,Luk Chu Sek ,Fung Hak On ,Hon Yee San
Alan Tang,Lu Rui Rong, Tien Feng,Jue Tit Woh,Lau Hok Nin,Wong San,Chan Ling Wai,
Tien Peng.Han Hsiang Chin ,Yau Lung ,Kung Chiu Hsia ,Chen Hung Lieh ,Cho Kin ,Ma
Yueh Hua ,Lau Ng Kei ,Lau Dan ,Tung Lam ,Fang Mian ,Chiang Tao ,Chan Shen ,Li Mi
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This is a synopsis written by my brother Anthony.

Killer Shao Fung (Wang Kuan Hsiung) was seen st view
While Wen Chiang Lung was cutting wood and talking with his boss, an accident happened and he was ac view
7 women in jail for various reasons (murder, tricks, pickpocketing...)escape from jail. The escape h view
In this movie, Meng Fei plays a policeman who impersonate a young woman's dead brother in order to a view
A farmer (Yee Yuen) is killed by the three tigers, who are the best fighters of a local boss played view
An evil man kills a whole family and only his son is saved by an old servant. This one leads him to view
The movie begins with the head of a village who sentences an evil villager to death, but his wife an view
After loosing his wife whp is now with a drug dealer, an inspector is hunting all the drug bosses of view
Goo Goon Chung plays a young man who is hired by Kong Do (in a wheeling chair)to find a man on whom view
Tien Ni plays a young man (I think so because her servant calls her Gongze instead of Guniang (lady) view

Rares Of The Week see more

Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu aka Revenge of the Dragon

Starring: Alexander Lou Rei, Tong Lung, Ching Kuo Chung, Chang Chi Ping, Hilda Liu Hao Yi, Chang Kuan Lung, Wong Chi Sang, Lee Hoi Hing, Wong Tak Chi, William Yen, Tit Yan, Wong Kin Mi, Yeung Hung, Kim Fan

Alex Lou Takes On The Japanese To The DEATH!!!

Great Hero aka Magnum Fist

Starring: Bruce Li (Ho Chung Dao), Polly Shang Kuan, Tien Peng, Chan Pooi Ling, Suen Yuet, Cho Kin, Nam Wan

Bruce Le Vs Japanese Killers

Killer of Snakes, Fox of Shaolin aka Man fight with Snake, Fox and Ghost aka Sa Ho Martial Arts

Starring: Carter Wong, Cheun Nik, Cheung Hei, Kwak Mu Seong aka Bruce Pak, Lau Nga Ying, Lau Yat Fan

Mystical Kung Fu With CARTER WONG!!!

Chinese Kung Fu and Acupuncture aka Chinese Acupuncture aka Damager

Starring: Chan Min, Cho Kin, Suen Yuet, Au Lap Bo, Cheung Ching Fung, Nam Wan,Chui Chung Hei

Punch & Block Rare!

Bloody Claw

Starring: Pat Ting Hung,Tin Ching,Fong Lung,Yau Lee,Pak Man Biu,Lok Gung,Little Unicorn,Mui Gwai Lui,Kim Chil Seong,Fung Ngai,Chan Ho,Man Sau

Green Dragon Inn aka Bruce Is Loose

Starring: Polly Shang Kuan, Lo Lieh, Yueh Hua, Sze Ma Lung, Ching Ching, O Yau Man, Au Lap Bo, Lee Ying, Chan Sam Lam, Tin Ming, Wong Jun, Au Lap Bo