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Deadly Strike
aka Bruce Has Risen
aka Incredible Dragon

English Dubbed


The Sword
aka Sword, The (Jimmy Wang Yu)

Chinese Language With Embeded Chinese & English Subtitles


Invincible Super Chan
aka Forced To Fight

English Dubbed


Last Battle of Yang Chiao
aka The Last Battle of Yang Chao

English Dubbed


Queen Boxer
aka The Avenger
aka Fearless Karate Girl

Chinese Version With English Subtitles English & German Audio UNCUT!!


Silver Hermit from Shaolin
aka Silver Spear

English Dubbed With Chinese Audio Track No Subs


Blazing Temple
aka Burning Shaolin Temple

Chinese With Re-Mastered Subtitles & English Dubbed


Fist for Revenge
aka Fists For Revenge

Chinese With Re-Mastered English Subtitles


Killer Hillz
aka Majesty Cat
aka Fan Of Destruction
aka Call Me Chivalry

Chinese Language With English Subtitles

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