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Bald Headed Betty
Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese Only


Lu Hsiao Fury
aka Chivalry Of Conspiracy

Chinese Language With Embeded Chinese & English Subtitles


Fighting Dragon
aka Challenge Me Dragon
aka Fighting Dragon Vs. The Deadly Tiger

English Dubbed


Invincible Killer, The
aka Deadly Fists

Chinese Embedded English Subtitles With English Audio


Devil And Angel
aka Mo Gui Tian Shi

English & German Audio Language No Subs


Travels With A Sword
aka Travel with a Sword

Chinese Mandarin Only


All In The Family
aka Hua Fei Man Cheng Chun

Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese Only


Forbidden Killing
Chinese With Re-Mastered English Subtitles


Fairy, Ghost, Vixen
aka Fairy Ghost And Vixen

Chinese Language With English Subtitles

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