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Win them All
aka Daai Siu Tung Gat

Chinese With Re-Mastered Subtitles & English Dubbed


The Boxers
aka The Way Of The Boxers
aka The Power of Boxing

Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese Only


aka Wolf Gang Creek

Chinese With Re-Mastered English Subtitles


Lantern Festival Adventure
Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese Only


Tiger Jungle
aka Blackbelt Fury

Chinese Embedded English Subtitles With English Audio


Fist of Vengeance (Yusuaki Kurata)
aka Fists of Vengeance
aka Iron Fists
aka Two Fists Versus Seven Samurai

English Dubbed


Karate Story
aka Hurricane

French Dubbed


The Escaper
Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese Only


Champion Of The Boxers
Chinese Language With Embeded Chinese & English Subtitles

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