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Subject: The lady assassin TVB movie 1991

Still posted last year on another forum...

Mu Lin and her father live in a village and the villagers are attacked by bandits who kill almost everybody, including Mu Lin's father, and burn a part of the village. Later, a group of soldiers arrive and, instead of helping the survivors, they rob their food, chickens, jewels and they try to take Mu Lin away, but she fights with them and accidentally kills the chief of the group, and hence becomes a fugitive.

She is helped by a kind man called Du, who hides her and lies to the soldiers, and he gives her his horse in order that she can escape.

She then meets a man (played by Canti Lau) seeming to be thirsty and she gives him a little bit of water, but he robs the water and the horse. Later, she meets him again and they fight, but he escapes once again and Mu Lin has to fight again with the soldiers, but the man helps her to escape and he brings her to his home, where he explains her that he knows who she is and that he wants to train her in order that she becomes an assassin. Of course she refuses and he punishes her by sending her in a cave where there are several unchained men who try to rape her and she has to kill them in order to escape and she discovers that actually there are other men and women who are trained to become assassins and, since she can't escape, she also becomes one of them.

Later, she discovers that Canti Lau is under the orders of the eunuch Chang, who orders her to steal a document from the king (or a prince). She succeeds, but she is hurt and she meets Du again, who brings her to his home, where she meets his whole family and she is cured.

Later, she is in a mission with several other assassins in order to kill a family and she discovers that is the Du family,, and she fights against the other assassins in order to save them, but she fails and when Du returns at home, she tells him that it's her who killed them in order that he kills her, but he doesn't want to believe her and in order to save him, she stuns him and goes away with him unconscious on his horse.

Then, she meets Canti Lau who tells her that he is here to kill her under Eunuch Chang' orders and they fight and he push her from the cliff and when the eunuch arrives, she hears that Canti Lau is accused by the eunuch to have tried to save her because he is in love with her and she returns to help him to fight against all the other assassins and the eunuch's men.

I don't tell the rest...

What a superb swordpplay movie, full of action from the beginning to the end and the actress Yip Yuk Ping is excellent. I recommend this movie if you have the luck to find it (it's annouced as " coming soon " in mytvb.com, for those who are able to get the movies from there).

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Posted: June 30, 2018, 8:14 am
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