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Subject: Call of the sea 1965

The story takes place in a village of fishermen. Lo Wei plays the rich owner of the boats and his son is played by Chang Pei Shan.

This latter is attracted by a young girl called Xiao Yu (played by Elsie Tu Tieh, who looks like Linda Lin Dai), whose little brother Xiao Bao works on the boat too, but she is in love with another fisherman Lu Chin Hu (played by Kang Wei, Jenny Hu's husband), who doesn't work for Lo Wei.

Li Lihua plays a fisherman's wife and isn't very well appreciated by the villagers (since there weren't any subtitles, I didn't really uderstand why) and she is friend with Chin Hu, who doesn't hesitate to give her money in order that she can subsist when her husband is away.

Since Chan Pei Shan is jealous of Chin Hu, they often quarrell and they even have a big fight.

Chin Hu's mother (played by Ouyang Sha Fei) is ill and before diying, she tells her son that his father was bullied by Lo Wei and that he committed suicide when he was still a baby, and Chin Hu decides to avenge his father, but he is attacked by Chan Pei Shan's men.

Later, Lo Wei asks him to work for him on his boat and he agrees and leave Xiao Yu, who asks him to take care of Xiao Bao on the boat.

One night, he goes into Lo Wei's cabin in order to kill him but there is a tempest and everybody is killed in the sea, except Chin Hu, who saves Lo Wei.

This latter comes to Chin Hu's house and gives him money and asks him why he didn't kill him and they have an explanation, and on the road to return at home, Lo Wei hears Li LIhua crying because her husband is dead and he tries to rape her, but she kills him.

Chan Pei Shan looks everywhere for his father and they finding Chin Hu's house empty, they go to Li Lihua's house and they are about to leave when Xiao Yu, who is jealous, tells them that she saw Chin Hu going into the house and they finally find Lo Wei's body.

Though Li Lihua tells them that she is the one who killed him, they take Chin Hu and take a boat in order to drawn him in the sea, but Xiao Yu saves him and the police arrest Chan Pei Shan and Li Lihua.

Another excellent drama with superb songs and a good story. That's just too bad that I wasn't able to find it with English subtitles..

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Posted: July 2, 2018, 2:09 pm
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