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Subject: The toughest guy 1970

Another movie about the Sino-Japanese war...

5 Japanese spies are sent to a Chinese town but I didn't understand what was the purpose of their mission (it seems that maybe there were cut scenes, because sometimes, the screen turned black and there were some unexplained things in the plot during the movie).

Peter Yang Kwan and Ma Kei are Chinese spies, who must discover who is the traitor among the Chinese spies (from what I understood), and Li Lihua is a Chinese officer who has the same purpose, if I understood well.

After a lot of twists, fights, gunfights, treacheries, it appears that the mastermind was Ma Kei, and the Chinese finally get rid of the Japanese.

Kong Do has a few scenes as one of Li Lihua's men.

Good movie, but the lack of subtitles didn't help to fully understand the plot, and I enjoyed this movie a little but less than Liufu tea house.

Yang Kwan, Ma Kei and Li Lihua are good in this movie.

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Posted: July 2, 2018, 2:05 pm
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