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Subject: Liufu Tea House

I just posted the review in the related topic inthe Shaws' section, but since it's a review, I post it here too...

Li Lihua plays the owner of a tea house in which she sings, while the beautiful Essie Lin Chia plays a Japanese girl who owns a " geishas house ".

Both of them are actually spies : while Li Lihua tries to get informations in order to help the Chinese troops to get rid of the Japanese troops, Essie Lin Chia tries to discover where are the Chinese spies and who they are.

The informations are hidden in a watch and everybody is after it. When Essie Lin Chia believes that she got it, the watch has been stolen by a Japanese officer who is actually a spy for the Chinese people and these latter finally win the war against the Japanese.

A very good movie, with suspense, karate (there is a fight between Essie Lin Chia and her girls and Li Lihua and the Japanese officer disguised as ninjas), gunfights... As usual, Wei Ping Ao plays a Chinese traitor who helps the Japanese against his own people...

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Posted: July 2, 2018, 2:03 pm
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