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Subject: Gambling for Gold (1973)

Chang Yi, Wang Ping, Shih Chung Tien, Chang Yun Wen, Ko Hsiang Ting.

China at the time of the first Japanese occupation prior to World War ll: The country is additionally plagued by traitors who help the Japanese to loot the villages and towns and who long to benefit from their rule. One of those is Hsiang Chun, a local casino owner and his gang who rob a consignment of gold to pay the Japanese. Chinese agent Ching Tien is sent to get the gold back and soon he receives unlikely help from Hsiang's daughter Shu, who is a patriot. Together the couple has to survive numerous clashes before they successfully destroy Hsiang, the gang and the Japanese handlers.

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Posted: March 17, 2013, 2:51 pm
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