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Subject: Duel in Forest aka Dragon Fury

While Wen Chiang Lung was cutting wood and talking with his boss, an accident happened and he was accused of murdering his boss and sentenced to jail.

Years later, Wen Chiang Lung returns to his village and meets his boss' daughter (Xu Feng)whom he helps against some men who are fighting with her.

Later, he learns that the woman he loved is married with Xu Feng's brother, who is a gambler and married her onmy because she was pregnant.

Weng Chiang Lung is hired by the casino's boss as a fighter, but he disagree with him when he sees that he bullies Xu Feng's brother and order his men to fight with her and he saves her twice.

Furious and also in order to get the land of Xu Feng's brother, the casino's boss kills him and frames Weng Chiang Lung for the murder.

Weng Chiang Lung and the captain policeman were both friends with Weng Chiang Lung's lover and, when it appears that it isn't Wen Chiang Lung who killed Xu Feng's brother, they team up to arrest him and finally, Weng Chiang Lung discovers that his lover's son is also his son.

A very good non stop action movie, with an interesting plot. Xu Feng and Weng Chiang Lung are excellent. Worth watching.

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Posted: August 26, 2012, 1:43 pm
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