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Subject: Tiger Tiger Tiger

A farmer (Yee Yuen) is killed by the three tigers, who are the best fighters of a local boss played by Chuen Yuen, in order to rob his land. When she discovers her dead husband,his wife (Gwok Siu Chong) decides to commit suicide, but a young man (Si Wai) doesn't let her do it and tells her that he has also a grudge with the three tigers and that they ought to unify thier forces against them and she agrees.

Later, in order to introduce himself in the gang, Si Wai helps one of the three tigers in a fight and the tiger leads him to his boss where he meets Chuen Yuen's sister (Doris Lung)he already met in a traffic accident. The two of them become friend, but Si Wai doesn't forget his vengeance and he puts fire and kidnap Doris Lung and explains her that her brother and the three tigers had raped and killed his sister three years ago and that he wants to take revenge. First, she doesn't beleive him and then she offers herself in compensation in order that he don't kill her brother, but he refuses.

Then, together with the widow, they attack the three tigers and they finally succeed in killing them and they go to attack Chuen Yuen.

Before dying, this one tells his sister not to take revenge, but she tries to kill Si Wai though she's in love with him. The widow wants to kill her too, but Si Wai don't let her do it and she goes, leaving the two lovers.

A superb non stop action movie, with a great Gwok Siu Chong and very good fights. Watch with confidence.

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Posted: August 26, 2012, 12:22 pm
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