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Subject: Sword of Endurance

An evil man kills a whole family and only his son is saved by an old servant. This one leads him to his house but he dies and his wife and their girl leave the house with the boy.Unfortunately, the killers find the old woman and kill her, witnessed by the two children and they are rescued by a young woman.

Years later, the young boy is now a man (Chiang Ming) and he has learnt martial arts and he wants to get revenge for his father. His master is killed by the evil man's men and he decides to defeat him ; he goes to his castle and is defeated by the best fighter (Au Wei) and he is saved by the evil man's daughter (Tien Ni). The two of them become friends and Chiang Ming becomes one of the evil man's men.

When his former master's students discover that he is now in the evil man's castle, they don't understand that it's a part of his plan to get revenge and Tien Ni follows him when he return home to explain the situation to his servant's daughter who is in love with him. Furious because she believes that he loves another girl, Tien Ni tells the truth to her father and this one tortures Chiang Ming. He is saved by Tien Ni and return home only to discover that the girl who loved him has been killed as a lot of his master's men too. He is almost killed and he is saved by a fishing man who leads him to his master.

Later, after mastering better martial arts, Chiang Ming returns to take revenge on Au Wei and his master and he leaves.

A very good movie, with a good plot and a lot of good fights. Worth watching.

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Posted: August 26, 2012, 12:02 pm
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