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Subject: Heinous Fiend

The movie begins with the head of a village who sentences an evil villager to death, but his wife and their little girl beg him to let him go. Touched by her sorrow, the head of the village sentences the man to exile and he lefts.

Later, he meets a man, his wife and their boy and while the man has gone to change the wheel of his cart, the evil man rapes the woman and kills her, witnessed by the little boy. When the man returns, he chases him, they fight and the man is hurt and becomes a handicaped man.

Years later, the evil man is now a local boss, and his men bully a young girl (Sun Chia Lin) who fights them. They also bully two young men who are also good at fighting and the three of them are related to the handicaped man.

Later, we see the evil man's wife talking to her son and asking him to find his sister.The young man arrives in the same town were lives his father and he fights with this one's men and his father (without knowing that he is his son) hires him to get rid of Sun Chia Lin. The two of them fight with each other and while he is about to kill her, he discovers that she has a scar on her neck and he tells her that he is her brother.

While the evil man learns that he is now on the side of the handicaped man, he goes with his men to this one's school and he recognizes the man he hurt years ago, while the handicaped man's son recognizes the man who raped and killed his mother and then, there is a big fight.

After a lot of fights, the young people try to kill the evil man and the handicaped man's son is killed and only the brother and the sister are still alive. When they are about to kill their own father (still without knowing that he is), this one is killed by his first lieutenant who has an affair with his wife and their mother appears and tell him that they are his children and the two of them chase the killers.

A superb non stop action movie, with a lot of twists and good fights. Sun Chia Lin is excellent and the movie is worth wtaching with confidence.

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Posted: August 25, 2012, 11:06 pm
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