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Latest News, Screen Shots and Anouncements
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Mainly Firendy Conversations
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FLK Projects
Latest and upcoming FLK projects.
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Introduce yourself on the Forum
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Newbie Question Area
Feel free to pop in here and pose any question to the board. The resident members will be more than happy to help out, whether it be movie identification or star geneaology, chances are someone here can answer you.
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Trading Page
We trade movies that we don't have. On this page you can name a title that we do not have in our possession, to trade for a movie we do have and also fan made projects.Trading among fans is also done on this page. Selling your goods and products is not allowed without the permission of FLK administrators.
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Kung Fu Movie Categories
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Traditional Classic Movies
HK Classics talk. Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest and independent Classics. Share your views.
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New Wave Movies
All New Wave Kung Fu Talk Going Back From the Late 80's
197 1814 162224 pollypolly
Rare Movies
What's the latest and hottest rare kung fu out there?
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Rare New Wave
Rare New Wave? Yes some New Wave Classics are rares too.
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Shaw Brothers Greatest
Discuss the greatest and your latest Shaw Brothers movies.
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Japanese Martial Arts
All japanese martial arts movie talk goes here.
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The Best of Korean Movies
Discuss the greatest Korean Movies Available
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Cut Movies Awareness
Tell us the movies that you know are cut and Flashlegsrare will recover where possible.
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Spaghetti Western and Black Exploitation
For all the fans into Spaghetti Westerns, Itallian Crime, Black Exploitation and Horror
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Heroic Gunshed Discussion
For disscussion about gun play movies of all the eras.
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Kung Fu Tv Series
The best of Kung Fu tv series
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Martial Arts Practitioners
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General Martial Arts
Share your opinions on Martial Arts in General. Whether nameless or not.
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Martial Arts Systems
Discuss specific martial art systems and other styles that you enjoy to see or practice yourself.
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FLK Competitions
Flashlegs Competition Entries Go Here!
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FLK Bugs
Report bugs or any errors you may find.
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FLK Feed Back
Get Feedback from queries online at FLK
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FLK Orders Page
If you are having any difficulty with placing an order via our shopping cart you may place orders here. Note: Please Do NOT Enter Your Credit Card Details On This Page Call us on this Number with your credit card details (00971) - 4 - 224 - 3736 (Dubai Warehouse Offices)
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FLK Movie Find
Can't find a movie that you're looking for? Post it here and we can find it for you for an extra 2 on purchase of the film.
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FLK Reviews
Movie Reviews from featuring movies from our catalog
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FLK Recomendations
Recomended films and latest titles from Flashlegsrare
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