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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Chen Kwan Tai
Born in Canton, Chen Kuan Tai was one of Shaw Brothers first real, solidly trained Martial Arts that in essence be considered a Master of Martial Arts by his peer's. He landed a bit role as a Martial Artist in this first film Redress and upon signing with Shaw Brothers in 1970, he was featured in Jimmy Wang Yu's The Chinese Boxer. Chen branched out as an actor in his tender role in the Tea House and in it's squel Big Brother Cheng both directed by Kuei Chih-Hung. They gave Chen "legitimate actor" status. After starring in Box Office successes Challenge of the Masters and Executioners from Shaolin, both helmed by legendary Martial Arts director Liu Chia Liang, Chen left Shaws Brothers. One of the only films of consequence he did away from Shaw Brothers was Iron Monkey, a film he starred in and directed. Chen returned to Shaw's screen with Crippled Avengers and Killer Constable " arguably his most powerful drama-Martial Arts role" ever directed by Kuei Chih-Hung and the Master. Chen Kuan Tai Starred in over 80 films and he only makes occasional public appearances nowdays.
The Chinese Boxer (1970)

Maria (1971)

Boxer from Shantung (1972)

The Water Margin (1972)

The Bloody Fight (1972)

The Bloody Fists (1972)

Man of Iron (1972)

Four Riders (1972)

Sword of Heaven & Hell (1972)

Blood Brothers (1973)

The Iron Bodyguard (1973)

Thunderbolt (1973)

(action choreographer)

Heroes Two (1974)

The Savage Five (1974)

Men from the Monastery (1974)

Tea House, The (1974)

Five Tough Guys (1974)

Flying Guillotine (1975)

Lover's Destiny (1975)

Big Brother Cheng (1975)

The Imposter (1975)

Bloody Escape, The (1975)

The Floating Clouds (1975)

Seven Man Army (1976)

Challenge of the Masters (1976)

The Simple Minded Fellow (1976)


King Gambler (1976)

Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

Iron Monkey (1977)


Crippled Avengers (1978)

Invincible Monkey Fist (1978)


Duel at Tiger Village (1978)

Iron Fists (1979)

Invincible Enforcer (1979)

Big Boss of Shanghai (1979)


Killer Constable (1980)

3 Evil Masters (1980)

Rendezvous with Death (1980)

The Battle for the Republic of China (1981)

Dangerous Person (1981)


Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981)

Hero Tattooed with Nine Dragons (1981)

Winner Takes All (1982)

Rolls, Rolls I Love You (1982)

Blood Brothers(1982)

Gang Master (1982)

Human Lanterns (1982)

A Life of Ninja (1983)

Deadly Duo (1983)

Black Magic with Buddha (1983)

Lost Generation (1983)

Little Dragon Maid (1983)

Challenge of the Lady Ninja (1983)

Opium and the Kung Fu Master (1984)

Return of Bastard Swordsman (1984)

I will Finally Knock You Down, Dad (1984)

Shanghai 13 (1984)

Death Ring (1984)

Long Road to Gallantry (1984)

Thunderclap (1984)

Dancing Warrior (1985)

Fortune Hunters (1987)

Just Heroes (1989)

Sleazy Dizzy (1990)

Angel Mission (1990)

The Sniping (1990)

Return to Action (1990)


Blood Stained Tradewind (1990)


The Fortune Code (1990)

The Tigers (1991)

Today's Hero (1991)

Butcher (1991)

Ghost Killer (1992)

Gambling Soul (1992)

World of Desire, The (1992)

Shadow Cop (1993)

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (1993)

How to Meet the Lucky Stars (1996)

The Final Winner (2001)

Vampire Hunters (2002)

The Era of Vampires (2002)

Power King (2002)

Hero Youngster (2004)

Fearful 24 Hours (2004)

Where Is Mama's Boy? (2005)

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

My Wife Can Fight (2006)

The Valiant Ones New (2007)

Kung Fu Hip-Hop (2008)

Murderer (2009)

14 Blades (2010)

Fire of Conscience (2010)

Gallants (2010)

White Vengeance (2011)