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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Ku Lung
Ku Lung studied in Taipei Junior English college. Due to to his overwhelming urge to become a writer he failed to graduate and went on to fulfill his dream to become a writer/novelist. He wrote his first novel in 1960 "Cangqiong Shen Jian" ("Divine Sky Sword")and was acclaimed one of the best "wuxia" writers of his time.In 1971 his novels became well known and famous among the Asian film industry and his stories were converted into film scripts, the first being Xiao Shi Yi Lang" ("Swordsman at Large"), directed by Chui Chang-Wang. He was then approached by the accredited directed Chor Yuen in 1976 to embark on the well known Shaw Brothers classic films the first being "Liu Xing Hu Die Jiang" ("Killer Clans"). Chor Yuen soon became well known for his Ku Lung screenplay adaptations in his early Shaw Brothers career. The success of Ku Lung stories converted to movies were also directed by prominent directors such as Lo Wei, Wong Fung or Chan Fan Kei.This inevitably impelled the selling of Lung novels before his death from cirrhosis and esophageal hemorrhage through his alcoholism. Ku Lung wrote approximately 70 novels of which 40 or more were made into films and TV series over the years.The man is truly a genius and has entertained many kunfg fu fans during his career.
Story Swordsman at Large (1971)
Killer Clans (1976)
The Magic Blade (1976)
One Armed Swordsmen (1976)
Clans of Intrigue (1977)
Jade Tiger (1977)
Death Duel (1977)
To Kill with Intrigue (1977)
To Kill a Jaguar (1977)
The Sentimental Swordsman (1977)
Pursuit of Vengeance (1977)
Clutch of Power (1977)
Pai Yu Ching (1977)
The Lost Swordship (1977)
Clan of Amazons (1978)
Legend of the Bat (1978)
Swordsman and Enchantress (1978)
Legendary Strike, The (1978)
Big Land, Flying Eagles (1978)
Full Moon Scimitar (1979)
Proud Twins, The (1979)
Silver Spear (1979)
Deadly Sword, The (1980)
Heroes Shed No Tears (1980)
Sun Moon Legend, The (1980)
Witty Hand, Witty Sword (1980)
Master and the Kid (1980)
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981)
Return of the Deadly Blade (1981)
Bloody Parrot (1981)
The Duel Of The Century (1981)
Ambitious Kung Fu Girl (1981)
Last Duel, The (1981)
Beauty Escort (1981)
Sword Named Revenge, A (1981)
Clan Feuds (1982)
Bloody Mission (1982)
Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman (1982)
The Spirit of the Sword (1982)
Demon Fighter (1982)
Denouncement of Chu Liu Hsiang, The (1983)
Take The Rap (1983)
Last Hero In China (1984)
Handsome Siblings (1992)
Butterfly Sword (1993)
A Warrior's Tragedy (1993)
Clan of Amazons (1996)
The Duel (2000)
The Legend of the Flying Swordsman (2000)
Writer The Killer Meteors (1976)
Jade Tiger (1977)
Return of the Chinese Boxer (1977)
Magnificent Bodyguards (1978)
Legend of Broken Sword, The (1979)
Romantic Double Rings, The (1979)
Bruce Tuan's 7 Promises (1980)
Moon Night Cutter (1980)
Awe Inspiring Weapon (1980)
Chu Lio Hsiang and Hu Tieh Hua (1980)
Ninja Pirates (1981)