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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Chia Kai
Originally from Taiwan, this "menacing" leg fighter can really get down when given the chance and can hold his own with most leg fighters. A very good character actor who can usually spice up a good fight scene "hand over foot". Was "awesome" in the excellent "Fearless Young Boxer" and the "foot-fest" -"7 Steps of Kung Fu"

Majesty Cat (1975)

The Blazing Temple (1976)

The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious (1976)

Dance of Death (1976)

The Shaolin Kids (1977)

Two Assassins of the Darkness (1977)

The Golden Mask (1977)

Love is Not a Game, But a Joke actor(1997)

Revengeful Swordswoman (1979)

Just Heroes actor(1989)

Opium and the Kung Fu Master (actor/ Dir)(1984)

Tales of a Eunuch (action Dir)(1983)

Shaolin Prince (Dir)(1983)

Shaolin Intruders (Dir)(1983)

Tiger Killer (action Dir)(1981)

Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (action Dir)(1981)

The Kung Fu Instructor (action Dir)(1979)

Deadly Breaking Sword (action Dir)(1979)

The Avenging Eagle (action Dir/ actor)(1978)

The Killer Clans (action Dir)(1976)

The Magic Blade (action Dir)(1976)

Sentimental Swordsman (action Dir)(1976)

Inframan (action Dir)(1975)

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (action Dir)(1975)

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (action Dir)(1974)

Delightful Forest (action Dir)(1972)

King Eagle (action Dir)(1971)

The Duel (action Dir)(1971)

Vengeance! (action Dir)(1970)

The Heroic Ones (action Dir)(1970)

The Chinese Boxer (action Dir)(1970)

The Singing Killer (action Dir)(1970)

Twelve Deadly Coins (action Dir)(1969)

Decree of the Fire Dragon (actor)(1968)

The Golden Swallow (action Dir)(1968)

The Sword of Swords (action Dir)(1968)

The Tin Long Gang (action Dir)(1968)

Sacred Fire, Heroic Winds 2 (action Dir)(1966)

The Jade Bow (action Dir)(1966)

South Dragon, North Phoenix (action Dir)(1963)