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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Casanova Wong
It was director/actor Samo Hung who first brought Casanova's talents to the jade screen. From an introductory role in Hung's Iron Fisted Monk and then top billing in Warriors Two, his movie career was heartily set underway. Between Hong Kong, korea and Taiwan, Casanova or Ca Sa Va as he is sometimes called, he has been in more movies than one would believe. Even in small parts, audiences are simply blown away as he tears across the screen with his dynamic kicking expertise.In Master Strikes he takes to the air and perfectly hits four men quite easierly before hitting the ground. He is now approximately fifty pounds heavier and has turned to producing films in Korea.
Shaolin Plot (1977)

Iron Fisted Monk (1977)

Bruce Against The Odds (1977)

Enter the Invincible Hero (1977)

Warriors Two (1978)

Game of Death (1978)

[Asian version] Legendary Strike (1978)

Master Killers (1978)

Monk's Fight (1979)

Duel of the Seven Tigers (1979)

Magnificent (1979)

Avenging Boxer (1979)

Wonderman From Shaolin, The (1979)

South Shaolin vs. North Shaolin (1979)

Story of Drunken Master, The (1979)

Master Strikes (1980)

Made In China (1981)

Bruce Strikes Back (1982)

Rivals of the Silver Fox (1982)

Strike of the Thunderkick Tiger (1982)

Duel to the Death (1983)

Warriors of Kung Fu (1984)

108 Golden Destroyers (1985)

Blues Of Chongro ((1989)