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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Hui Ying Hung (Kara Hui)
Hui Ying Hung was born in 1960, the youngest child of the family, which also included future Shaw Brothers star Hui Tien Chi (Five Superfighters, Gangmasters). Unlike her brother and two sisters, who were sent to Peking Opera School. Hui Ying Hung remained with her mother at home, though she managed to pick up a few tricks during her elder siblings infrequent visits home. In her teens, Hui Ying Hung began Dancing in the Street to make some extra money, and in 1976 she was spotted by Shaw Brothers maestro ( and Hung Kuen ) Liu Chia Liang, who convinced her to join Shaws as a trainee Actress.When her training was complete, Miss Hui was signed to by director Chang Cheh's camp, with her first role coming in Fu Sheng's classic Chinatown Kid (1977), She went on to appear in a futher four Fu Shengs Films: Brave Archer 1 & 2 (1977, 1978), Life Gamble (1977) for Chang Cheh, and sun Chong's Classic Deadly Breaking Sword (1979). She also Appeared in Invincible Shaoiln (1978). From were Hui Ying Hung's career went into overdrive, when she was assigned to Liu Chia Liang's camp for the classic Dirty Ho (1979) Her remarable phyical ability so impressed Liu Sifu that he took her under his Hung Kuen wing. He cast her as his sister in the epic vengeance film Mad Monkey Kung Fu, where she let loose some fine Kung Fu, villain Lo Lieh. A Co-starring role in the awesome Fist of the white Lotus (1980) followed, where she demonstrated some incredibly intricate embroidery fist. Following these came the film that gained Hui Ying Hung the crown as queen of kung fu. My Young Aunty (1980) was a classy production that showcased her skill to the max in some incredible martial arts battles. The role won her the Best Actress Award at the Asian Film Festival, as she became known, then took centre stage in Tigress of Shaoiln alongside Liu Chia Liang's sister and his nephew Liu Chia Yong. This was a slightly odd, but highly enjoyable tale of love, life and leprosy fist. In 1981 saw Auntie alongside Liu Chia Hui in the epic Wong Fei Hung tale Martial Club. Hui Ying Hung has had an acting career for over 25 years and Is still acting today.
Actor Chinatown Kid (1977)

The Dream of the Red Chamber (1977)

The Brave Archer (1977)

The Teenager's Nightmare (1977)

The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung (1978)

Swordsman And Enchantress (1978)

Shaolin Hand Lock (1978)

The Brave Archer Part II (1978)

Invincible Shaolin (1978)

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Part II (1978)

The Cunning Hustler (1978)

Clan of Amazons (1978)

The Scandalous Warlord (1979)

Life Gamble (1979)

The Last Judgement (1979)

The Ghost Story (1979)

Dirty Ho (1979)

The Deadly Breaking Sword (1979)

Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979)

The Tigress of Shaolin (1979)

Swift Sword (1980)

Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)

Heaven and Hell (1980)

Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty (1980)

The Tiger and the Widow (1980)

Clan of the White Lotus (1980)

Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981)

Martial Club (1981)

My Young Auntie (1981)

Buddha's Palm (1982)

The Emperor and the Minister (1982)

Cat Vs. Rat (1982)

The 82 Tenants (1982)

Lovers Blades (1982)

Legendary Weapons of China (1982)

Demon of the Lute (1983)

The Lady Is the Boss (1983)

Three Stooges Go Undercover (1984)

New Tales of the Flying Fox (1984)

Long Road to Gallantry (1984)

Double Decker (1984)

The Return of Pom Pom (1984)

The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (1984)

Family Light Affair (1984)

Journey of the Doom (1985)

Why Me? (1985)

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)

The Seventh Curse (1986)

The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1986)

Naughty Boys (1986)

Rosa (1986)

Happy Go Lucky (1987)

The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988)

The Dragon Family (1988)

Rouge (1988)

The Peacock King (1989)

Burning Ambition (1989)

They Came to Rob Hong Kong (1989)

The Inspector Wears Skirts II (1989)

Bullet to Survive (1990)

Braveful Police (1990)

That's Money (1990)

Stage Door Johnny (1990)

Brave Young Girls (1990)

Never Say Regret (1990)

Raid on Royal Casino Marine (1990)

Widow Warriors (1990)

The Banquet (1991)

Red Lips (1991)

Legend of the Drunken Tiger (1991)

Who Cares (1991)

The Roar of the Vietnamese (1991)

Heart of Danger (1991)

The Real Me (1991)

Guys in Ghost Hand (1991)

Behind the Curtain (1992)

Megaforce From Highland (1992)

The Vengeance of Six Dragon (1992)

Visa to Hell (1992)

Queen of Gambler (1992)

Bloody Revenge (1992)

Angel Terminators (1992)

Zen of Sword (1992)

Inspector Wears Skirts IV (1992)

Tattoo Girl (1993)

On Parole 2 (1993)

Madam City Hunter (1993)

A Story in Beijing City (1993)

On Parole (1993)

The Tale of a Heroine (1993)

Fatal Love (1993)

Out Bound Killing (1994)

Kung Fu Mistress (1994)

Sharpshooters (1994)

Snake Fist (1994)

Fei Tin Hap (1995)

Dragon in Shaolin (1996)

Crazy Mission (1997)

Fist Power (2000)

High K (2000)

Ling's Story (2001)

Visible Secret (2001)

Love Forever (2001)

The Secret Society - Boss (2003)

Infernal Affairs II (2003)

The Park (2003)

Night Corridor (2003)

Dirty Man (2003)

Jiang Hu (2004)

Wanted (2004)

Crazy n' the City (2005)

A Chinese Tall Story (2005)

Legendary Assassin (2008)

L for Love L for Lies (2008)

At the End of Daybreak (2010)

72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010)

Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010)

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu (2011)

A Chinese Ghost Story (2011)

Swordsmen (2011)

The Wedding Diary (2011)