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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Gordon Liu
Gordon Liu will forever be known as "The Master Killer". Gordon is the adopted brother of the legendary Lau Kar Leung (Liu Chia-Liang). He helped out with Mrs. Lau and she ended up taking him in as one of her own. Studying martial arts, Gordon made his debut in 1974's Shaolin Martial Arts. In 1976, he took the role of Wong Fei Hung in Challenge of the Masters. However, the film that made him an international superstar and gave him the nickname would be 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Playing the role of the Shaolin monk San Te, the film was released internationally as Master Killer, hence the nickname. He continued to work for his brother is many of his films. However, as the modern day actioners began to make an impact, Gordon began to make the transition from monk to villain in such films as Tiger on the Beat and Cheetah on Fire. In 1993, he played the villain facing Jet Li in Last Hero in China. After a 3 year absence, the Master Killer returns in Drunken Monkey, the comeback film for his older brother, Lau Kar Leung.
Action Director

Breakout from Oppression (1978)

Fury of a Tiger (1989)

If You Were Here (1994)

Super Cops (1997)


Breakout from Oppression (1978)

Shaolin and Wu Tang ((1983)


The Flying Killer (1967)

The Hero of Chiu Chow (1973)

Five Shaolin Masters (1974)

Shaolin Martial Arts (1974)

The Monk (1975)

Marco Polo (1975)

Boxer Rebellion (1976)

Seven Man Army (1976)

Challenge of the Masters (1976)

Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

He Has Nothing But Kung Fu (1977)

Shaolin Mantis (1978)

Heroes of the East (1978)

Breakout from Oppression (1978)

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)

Fists and Guts (1979)

Dirty Ho (1979)

Spiritual Boxer, Part II (1979)

Carry on Wise Guy (1980)

Clan of the White Lotus (1980)

Return to the 36th Chamber (1980)

Treasure Hunters (1981)

Martial Club (1981)

My Young Auntie (1981)

Fury in Shaolin Temple (1982)

Shaolin Drunken Monk (1982)

The 82 Tenants (1982)

Legendary Weapons of China (1982)

Godfather from Canton (1982)

Cat Vs. Rat (1982)

The Lady Is the Boss (1983)

Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu (1983)

Shaolin and Wu Tang (1983)

Tales of a Eunuch (1983)

The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (1984)

The Young Vagabond (1985)

Crazy Shaolin Disciples (1985)

Two Jolly Cops (1985)

Disciples of the 36th Chamber (1985)

The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1986)

A Bloody Fight (1988)

Tiger on the Beat (1988)

A Fiery Family (1989)

Avenging Trio (1989)

Ghost Ballroom (1989)

Fury of a Tiger (1989)

My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (1989)

Killing Angels (1989)

The Peacock King (1989)

The Killer (1990)

The Fortune Code (1990)

Tiger on the Beat 2 (1990)

The Banquet (1991)

Crystal Hunt (1991)

A Fate of Love (1991)

The Story of the Gun (1992)

Passionate Killing in the Dream (1992)

Cheetah on Fire (1992)

Yesterday Once More (1992)

Last Hero in China (1993)

Bogus Cops (1993)

Legend of the Liquid Sword (1993)

Flirting Scholar (1993)

If You Were Here (1994)

The Shaolin Kids in Hong Kong (1994)

Drunken Master III (1994)

Treasure Hunt (1994)

The Kung Fu Scholar (1994)

Super Cops (1997)

Thunder Scout (1998)

Generation Consultant (1999)

Generation Pendragon (1999)

Heaven of Hope (1999)

The Set Up (1999)

Gambler Series: Fraudelent Culture (1999)

The Island Tales (2000)

Drunken Monkey (2003)

Star Runner (2003)

Shaolin Vs Evil Dead (2004)

Snake Curse (2004)

Dragon in Fury (2004)

Insuperable Kid Huoyuanjia (2005)

Dragon Squad (2005)

A Chinese Tall Story (2005)

Dragon Get Angry (2005)

Shaolin Vs Evil Dead: Ultimate Power (2006)

Mr. 3 Minutes (2006)

Citizen King (2008)

Kong Hong: Lost in Love (2008)

Hot Summer Days (2010)

True Legend (2010)