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Actors Biographies and Filmography
David Chiang
David Chiang was born Chiang Wei-nian into a thespian family. His father was1940's leading man Yim Fa and his mother was an actress Hong Wei. While elder brother Paul Chun and younger brother Derek Yee are both well known names in the acting world. David Chiang had an early start to showbiz,appearing in films like Street boys and Li Hans-Hsiang's The Kingdom and the Beauty when he was still a teenager. He offically started his Martial Arts career in 1966 when he was hired by Wuxia Master Chang Cheh as a stuntman for Golden Swallow.His wiry agility quickly earned him the nickname "The Elastic Double". The turning point in his career came in 1967 when Chang requested for Chiang to take up a speaking role in The One-Armed Sword. Althought the role was small, it gave the young Chiang a chance to show both his action and his fighting prowess. It would mark the start of a relationship with Chang that had spanned for decades. With Chang's support, Chiang finally made the jump from a stunt unknown to being a star of his own in the box office hit "Wondering Swordsman" in 1970. His next film "Vengeance" won him his first Best Actor Award at the Asian Film Festival. His name again made the roster at the 1973 Asian Film Festival when he was named Most Contemporary Actor for his performance in Generation Gap. Chiang left to try his luck in Taiwan with his mentor Chang, he returned to turn a new page in his career in 1975 with the award winning period drama, " The Empress Dowager, by Li Han-Hsiang. Chiang has directed his own productions subsequently and taken part in television series and other films in the most recent years.
Street Boys (1960)

Golden Swallow, The (1968)

Invincible Fist, The (1969)

Dead End (1969)

Have Sword, Will Travel (1969)

Wandering Swordsman, The (1970)

Winged Tiger (1970)

Vengeance! (1970)

Heroic Ones, The (1970)

Singing Killer, The (1970)

New One Armed Swordsman, The (1971)

Duel, The (1971)

Anonymous Heroes, The (1971)

Duel of Fists (1971)

Deadly Duo, The (1971)

Boxer from Shantung (1972)

Angry Guest (1972)

Water Margin, The (1972)

Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972)

Young People (1972)

Four Riders (1972)

Blood Brothers, The (1973)

Generation Gap, The (1973)

Pirate, The (1973)

Savage Five, The (1974)

Drug Addict, The (1974)

(Actor/Dir) Friends (1974)

Dracula and the 7 Golden Vampires (1974)

Five Shaolin Masters (1974)

Young Rebel, The (1975)

All Men are Brothers (1975)

Imposter, The (1975)

Taxi Driver, The (1975)

Seven Man Army (1976)

Condemned, The (1976)

(Actor/Dir) Shaolin Temple (1976)

One Armed Swordsmen (1976)

(Actor/Dir) Naval Commandos, The (1977)

Magnificent Wanderers (1977)

Death Duel (1977)

Judgement of an Assassin (1977)

Shaolin Hand Lock (1978)

Shaolin Mantis (1978)

Murder Plot (1979)

Abbot of Shaolin (1979)

Challenger, The (1979)

Blooded Treasury Fight (1979)

Heaven and Hell Gate (1979)

Six Directions of Boxing (1980)

Loot, The(1980)

Lost Kung Fu Secrets, The (1980)

Return of the Deadly Blade (1981)

Legend of the Owl, The (1981)

(Actor/Dir) Fight for Glory (1981)

Night of the Assassins (1981)

Red Phoenix (1981)

King of Fists and Dollars (1981)

Abbot White 2 (1982)

Till Death Do We Scare (1982)

Strife for Mastery (1982)

Play Catch (1983)

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)

Yes, Madam (1985)

Shanghai 13 (1985)

From Here to Prosperity (1986)

Where's Officer Tuba (1986)

Soul (1986)

Silent Love (1986)

(Dir) It's Mad Mad World (1987)

Angel (1987)

Mr. Handsome (1987)

(Dir) Tiger on the Beat (1988)

Double Fattiness (1988)

(Dir) Mr. Sunshine (1989)

Just Heroes (1989)

My Dear Son (1989)

(Dir) Where East Meets West (1990)

(Dir) Will of Iron (1991)

(Dir) Once Upon a Time in China II (1992)

Mary From Beijing (1992)

Twin Dragons, The (1992)

What Price Survival (1994)

Adventurers, The (1995)

Mother of a Different Kind (1995)

(Dir) Legend of Speed, The (1999)