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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Cynthia Khan (Yeung Lai Ching)
Cythia Khan (Yeung Lai Ching) is a Taiwannese Beauty who was brought to the forefront as a replacement for Kung fu actress Michelle Khan/Yeoh. As always in Asia marketable names come first, and it seems her moniker was created by D&B Films taking the Christian name of Cynthia Rothrock and the Surname of Michelle Khan (as she was then known), making a double-blacded name to lure the audience in. Like many of her contemporaries, Cynthia's dream was to become a dancer. "I thought of becoming a dance teacher and going abroad to learn more about dancing," she has said. Was that cruel twrist of fate that put Cynthia on the road to film stardom. The dauther of a Jeweller, Cynthia had been studying jazz ballet, traditional Chinese modern and spanish dance since she was ten. At seventeen she won the new talent award in a national competition organised by one of the TV stations. But her parents wanted her to read management studies at a Taipei university. In order to get her own way, she went on hunger strike. Her parents eventually gave in and allowed to enter an arts institute in Taipei. Her future looked good, and she would probably have realised her ambition to become a dance teacher if she hadn't been injured. For a short while she pursued a singing career, thought not with any notable success. Many of the female stars in this book could be called attractive and sexy but, but Cynthia Khan really is an outstandingly stunning woman. It was probably these radiant looks that made Golden Horse awards winning director Chang Yi offer her the second lead role in his movie she plays a dance teacher. The film enjoyed only mediocre success but the cinemagoers and critics noticed this eyecatching beauty noted at the time as a new blood with great potential shortly afterwards, she nade an appearance in a low budget fantasy horror flick made in Taiwan, The Three Headed Monster. In 1987 D&B began looking for a replacement for Michelle Khan. There was no shortage of candidates, but after checking out more than a hundred wannabe action stars, the talent team saw Cynthia in My True Love. She was overjoyed at receiving a film offer from a Hong Kong film company. But that night She had to Start a revolution at home by convincing her parents that the venture was worthy. Obviously like all parents they were going to be a bit worried about me going alone to a strange place, she convinced them to give her a chance for two years. Cynthia was to find it daunting and difficult to step into Michelle Khan's footsteps, Cynthia said "People called me the heir of the Inspector Madam (referring to Michelle) but I didn't set out to imitate anybody. But it wasn't long before Cynthia established herself as a feisty femme. Her big break came in the third part of " I The Line of Duty" series, she later went on to make part four with Donnie Yen and she also made "Tiger Cage 2" also with Donnie Yen. She went on to make a lot more films and is still making films even today.
Bloody Brothers (1987)

Flag of Honor (1987)

Split of the Spirit (1987)

This Love of Mine (1986)

In the Line of Duty III (1988)

Crocodile Hunter (1989)

Three-Head Monster (1988)

In the Line of Duty IV (1989)

Tiger Cage II (1990)

Middle Man (1990)

Sea Wolves (1991)

Queen's High (1991)

Forbidden Arsenal (1991)

The Perfect Match (1991)

The Transmigration Romance (1991)

Fist of Steel (1991)

It's Now Or Never (1992)

Super Lady Cop (1992)

Inspector Wears Skirts IV (1992)

Zen Of Sword (1992)

Deadend Of Besiegers (1992)

Blade Of Fury (1993)

Thirteen Cold Blooded Eagles (1993)

Invincible Constable (1993)

Murders Made To Order (1993)

Avenging Quartet (1993)

Madam City Hunter (1993)

A Serious Shock Yes Madam (1993)

Pink Bomb (1993)

The Tale of a Heroine (1993)

The Top Lady of Sword (1993)

Gods Must Be Funny in China (1994)

Yes Madam (1994)

Ultimate Revenge (1995)

Tough Beauty and Sloppy Slop (1995)

Angel on Fire (1995)

Yes Madam 5 (1996)

Super Cops (1997)

Tiger Angels (1997)

Return of Dragon (1998) (2000)

Guard Soldier (2000)

The Boxing King (2002)

Catching Murderer Overseas (2003)

Fatal Love Web (2003)

Hurricane Bullet (2003)

Hacker Pioneers (2003)

Radical (2003)

Super Player (2010)