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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Cliff Lok
A good "character" actor, who played in a lot of movies. His real name is Ku Lung, he "adopted the name Cliff for his American name for acting. As most Asian actors and actresses do when they go of for international audiences. He's a good actor with exelent martial arts skills, but wasn’t able to show his true skill until martial arts wizard wilson tong casted him in the exelent "Kung fu Genious". Cliff Lok is in fact a kung fu grand master in real life.
Knight of Knights, The (1966)

Magnificent Trio (1966)

Trail of the Broken Blade, The (1967)

One Armed Swordsman (1967)

King Cat (1967)

Assassin, The (1967)

Return of the One Armed Swordsman (1969)

Have Sword, Will Travel (1969)

Vengeance! (1970)

Heroic Ones, The (1970)

Secret of the Dirk, The (1970)

King Eagle (1971)

Lady Hermit, The (1971)

Duel, The (1971)

Comet Strikes, The (1971)

Roaring Lion, The (1972)

Death Comes In Three (1973)

Thunderbolt (1973)

Shaolin Tiger Claws (1974)

Man Beyond Horizons, A (1974)

Virgin Mart, The (1974)

Chinese Kung Fu against Godfather (1974)

Best of Shaolin Kung Fu, The (1976)

18 Bronzemen, The (1976)

(Act Dir) Return of 18 Bronzemen (1976)

(Act Dir) Shaolin Death Squads (1977)

Shaolin Kids, The (1977)

Invincible Swordswoman (1977)

Mysterious Heroes, The (1977)

Killer from Above (1977)

Men of the Hour (1977)

Duel of the Seven Tigers (1979)

Kung Fu Genius (1979)

Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu (1979)

Mad Mad Kung Fu (1979)

Invisible Terrorist (1980)

Ring of Death (1980)

Ninja Supremo (1981)

Hard Bastard (1981)

My Blade, My Life (1982)

Interpol (1982)

(Actor/Act Dir) Super Dragon (1982)

Brutal Sorcery (1983)

Goodbye Mammie (1986)