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Actors Biographies and Filmography
Judy Lee (Chia Ling)
Another actress from the Fu Shing Opera school, and a classmate of Angela Mao, is Chia Ling, also Known as Judy Lee. Like Angela, she was an exceptionally gifted stage performer, who even performed male martial roles. Her operatic martial endeavours caught the eye of movie star and producer/director Yeung Kwan, who cast her in his production The Avenger, retitled Queen Boxer in the US. The story unfolds where Boxer from Shantung left off. Ma Yung Chen is killed by Boss Pai and his young sister arrives in Shanghai to settle the score. Shot in eighteen days, the picture was a hit due to the breathtaking tour de force performance of Judy Lee in the main role. As Ma's sister, she singlehandedly takes on the might of Boss Pai's Horrendous army of waterfront killers, and on top of that the dreaded Axe Gang. The action, shot in long sweeping takes, is spellbinding. Judy gracefully and mercilessly despatches her enemies and seems to relish the very act of working herself up into a possessed frenzy coming across on screen as totally believeable. Indeed Judy Lee was so good in the role that the movie producer and co-star Yeung Kwan cast her in his next picture, The Escape. Also from Taiwan she has appeared in over 50 films and gives some very dramatic performances. She received the best actress award for her role in the Escape at the Golden Horse Festival( their version of the Oscars). She has retired & lives in Los Angeles with her husband & son, where she runs a travel agency.
Actor Poor Daddy (1952)

The Escape (1972)

The Avenger (1972)

The Imprudent Iron Phoenix (1973)

Girl Named Iron Phoenix (1973)

Crazy Acrobat (1974)

The Legend of Mother Goddess (1975)

The Phantom Lute (1975)

Snake Woman's Marriage (1975)

Chinese Amazons (1975)

Heroes Behind the Enemy Lines (1975)

The Supergirl of Kung Fu (1975)

The Female Chivalry (1975)

Great Hunter (1975)

The Magic Ring (1976)

Heroine Kan Lien Chu (1976)

A Dead Rivalry (1976)

Thousand Mile Escort (1976)

Fierce Fist (1976)

The Blazing Temple (1976)

Sunset in the Forbidden City (1976)

Assassin (1976)

Seven Spirit Pagoda (1976)

The Ming Patriots (1976)

Spy Ring Kokuryukai (1976)

The Black Justice (1976)

The Devil's Owl (1977)

Lantern Street (1977)

Shaolin Monk (1977)

Fists of Dragons (1977)

Sea God And Ghosts (1977)

The Martyrs (1977)

The Eight Masters (1977)

18 Swirling Riders (1977)

Fight for Survival (1977)

Imperial Sword (1977)

The Shaolin Invincibles (1977)

Chivalrous Inn (1977)

The Hero Tattooed with Nine Dragons (1977)

The Operations of Spring Wind (1977)

The Unique Lama (1978)

Revenge of the Shaolin Kid (1978)

Iron Swallow (1978)

Ninja Swords of Death (1978)

Duel at Tiger Village (1978)

The Lady Constables (1978)

The Swift Shaolin Boxer (1978)

Revengeful Swordswoman (1979)

Deadly Confrontation (1979)

Ten Brothers of Shaolin (1979)

The Crane Fighters (1979)

No-one Can Touch Her (1979)

The Story in Temple Red Lily (1979)

Gone with Honor (1979)

The Flying Tigers and the Kung Fu Kids (1980)

A Man of Immortality (1980)

Strange Skill (1982)